Friday, February 13, 2015

Glitz & the Grand Canyon MDS & Project Life App Layouts

I haven't posted very many My Digital Studio layouts on it, but I mentioned yesterday I'll be sharing one last tidbit from our Las Vegas trip last Spring. I decided to do something completely different for this scrapbook, and use the Project Life App to design my book, aside from the cover, and MDS for printing. I can't tell you how awesome it was to use this app. It's so quick & easy! I was literally done document this entire trip in just a couple of hours! I popped my pages into My Digital Studio, from there I'll be able to easily print them through MDS Print Services. I wanted to share a couple of layouts that I created with the app, along with an update version of our scrapbook cover. 

I posted a cover I'd created for the book awhile back. Refresher here. But I ultimately decided it just wasn't complete. I played with it a bit more, and I'm so glad I did! I ended up adding our photo, and it was the perfect finishing touch! I didn't change much else, so it was a quick and easy addition. 

Now, the rest of the book was created with the Project Life App & Rhonna Designs App. I LOVE using photos glitzed up in the Rhonna app with my scrapbooking! It really makes a page pop or even sets the tune for the entire page! Like this Las Vegas layout here. This time my pages are a bit simpler, but I don't think it loses any character! With this method of scrapbooking you can really focus on the pictures without all the fuss. Here are a few layouts using both apps, the first showing lots of glitz & glam!
Some of the pages are super duper simple like this one below from Eagle Point at the Grand Canyon, but like I said, the photographs are truly showcased. 

This last layout is created with the Stampin' Up! Everday Adventure Project Life cards in the app. I'm so excited to PLxSU within the app as well.

Now, I mentioned there's no fuss with scrapbooking this way, which is way out of my comfort zone, and adding the Rhonna Designs App photos to these pages really gives me a better balance. However, I adore all of that fuss and frills, so I can't imagine that I'll ever leave MDS & traditional scrapbooking behind. The Project Life App was just something really great to tackle such a large project! And don't let me forget to add that you can even add elements from MDS to these PL App pages once you've popped them into MDS, which I did throughout the book. 

I loved getting this scrapbook marked off my to do list so quickly so I can now begin the photobook for our big Hawaii trip! I can't wait to get the Las Vegas book ordered, and relive the trip all over again. That's what scrapbooking is all about right? Reliving precious moments in life!
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