Friday, December 19, 2014

12 Weeks of Christmas│Week 12│Pocket Christmas Cards

Aloha from Maui! Yes, Lovely & I are in Hawai'i! Another 30B430 marked off my list, and something we've been dreaming about together for several years now is a reality! We jet setted off to Maui last Sunday, and haven't stopped taking in paradise since! It is truly the most incredible place we've ever seen! I don't want to waste much precious island time blogging (promise I'll share more soon), but just checking in for the last edition of the 12 Weeks of Christmas. Yep, this is it for this year, and Christmas will be here in a few short days!
I wanted to save something very special for this last installment of this fun series, our Christmas cards! I had this crazy idea awhile back to send our Christmas cards from Maui! Because how cool would it be to get a card with a Hawai'i post mark on it! I brainstormed for awhile, and even changed things up as they went along. I knew a few things were a must: a pocket for a photo, a palm tree, a pineapple, and "Mele Kalikimaka"! I nailed them all!

For a few weeks leading up to our trip, I began a sample card and prepping all the supplies I would need. By the time we left, I had everything cut and ready. I packed it in my carry on, and put these puppies together on the long plane ride over. 8 hours 13 minutes, 3 movies, and nearly 100 Christmas cards later, we arrived! The flight attendant was super impressed with the card! That made me giddy! After a few days here, we'd had enough pictures to put together a little collage gussied up with the Rhonna Designs App. I printed them at the local Walgreens, and popped them on right on our hotel bed, which is super fluffy by the way!

I had the best time putting these together, and love all of the little details, including our initials written in the "sand." Of course, I mailed one to us for a keepsake, going to be smitten over that postmark! These are my favorite Christmas cards to date, and I hope our family, friends, and YOU enjoy them! Thank you so much for following along with this series. Mele Kalikimaka & Aloha!
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