Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy Everything

I haven't shared an update with my parents in awhile, but I'm proud to say they have officially moved & settled into their new home! The town of West, Texas is steadily moving forward, and more and more people are moving into their new or repaired homes each week. My parents were able to move in towards the end of March, and have been finishing up things like unpacking, landscaping, and building a patio awning since. They finally finished up last weekend, and we had a party to celebrate their new home, along with their 25th wedding anniversary, & birthdays. It was wonderful to have friends and family over to their new home, and to see how comfortable they are, as if this house is how it was always meant to be. It even feels like home to me! I was afraid it wouldn't feel the same to me since it would be a new house that I've never/I won't live in, but it is quite the opposite! I'm so proud for them, and so glad we were able to give them this celebration. I don't have any pictures of the house, nor did I get one of my parents & us kids together at the party, but I do have the invitations I made with My Digital Studio to share.

Now, remember this party was to celebrate everything! I had to come up with a way to incorporate all of these occasions onto one invitations without it looking way too busy! I came up with a theme of "life, love, home." We celebrated life {birthdays}, love {anniversary}, and home {their new home}. Mom wanted a cross & rustic feel to the invite along with the colors turquoise & coral. I used Coastal Cabana and Calypso Coral for the color palette, and the Burlap Ribbon Digital Download to create a rustic banner across the top. The cross was simply made by altering 2 square punches, color filling with coral, and adding a Vintage Overlay. The "life, love, home" banner is from the Beautiful Day MDS Class Download.

For the back, I wanted to go into a little more detail about the celebration, so I included dates of events we were celebrating, along with an elaboration on "there are so many reasons to be happy," and a beautiful candid photo captured at mine & Charlie's wedding (only 3 days after the explosion).
The invitation was the perfect way to document and begin celebrating all they've over come this past year. I, again, thank you for keeping them and my little hometown of West, Texas in your prayers. I ask you to continue to pray for those who are still in need of a home, there are many. Thank you again, and God Bless.
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  1. Love you Dana, I am in celebeation every day!! An amazing party & an amzaing beginning of 26 years together.. wow I am so thankful & beyond blessed!!


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