Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vacation Itinerary with MDS

Good morning! I'm so sorry I didn't have a post for you yesterday. I was having a bit of technical difficulties. That's all cleared up now, and I'm excited to share a fun MDS project with you today. If you'll remember from this post, my mom & I went to New York City back in December.  We had a wonderful time, and got to see a TON of things! I did A LOT of planning ahead of time. We made a list of everywhere we wanted to go. I checked our tour bus routes, times places were open or closed, and planned accordingly. Because we had so many sights to see, there was a TON to keep track of, and there was NO way I could remember it all in my head. I needed a way to keep track of everything while we were there, and a QUICK way to reference it. I decided to pull out my laptop for this job, and My Digital Studio was the perfect program to help me!

I used the Get Going Kit. The taxi cab DSP was perfect for this trip! I stacked a solid piece Daffodil Delight matted with Strawberry Slush on top for a base for my text. I ended up making a detailed itinerary for each individual day of our trip. On our arrival/departing days, it included information like flight times, hotel & car info, and other important information. The other days included very detailed information about our day. Like I said before, I planned the trip according to the bus route and what we wanted to see. Each days' itinerary followed the route, and included the stops we wanted to take that day. I also included times places opened and closed, and specific tour/attraction times if we had them. A full day looked a little something like this:

For the most part, we stuck to our plan. There we a few things we skipped or didn't get to see, but the itinerary really kept us on track and gave us a plan--a must for NYC! I loved that the itinerary included all of the pertinent information we needed to know in ONE place, so if we were a little off track on time, we knew if something was still open or not, or if we still had time to see it. Here is a look at our entire trip's itinerary:

Now, you might be wondering how I kept this attached to me at all times. I didn't want to print it out, that would be way too much bulk in my bag, and let's face it, it's annoying to pull out a piece of paper all the time. So what's something that you always have with you? An iphone (or phone of your choice), of course!! After I saved the itinerary project as a JPEG on my computer, I emailed it to myself (and mom), and saved them to our iphones' camera roll. This way we always had it with us since we always had our phones out to take pictures, and we didn't have to carry around anything extra.
I was so glad I did this for our trip, and highly recommend it for any trip you are taking, even if it's not quite as detailed & full of activities as this one, you'll have everything you need to know in one place. Lovely & I are taking a trip to Las Vegas next week, and I'll be creating one for that trip as well! I had initially debated on whether I would or not because we are taking a quick trip, but once I realized everything we wanted to see & do, I knew it would be a necessity! Another thing I love about this project is once you get home it helps you remember everything you did, and really helps with journaling in your sscrapbook. You can also print each one as a 4x6 photo to place in your scrapbook.
I hope this inspires you in some way, and helps you plan your next trip! I love how My Digital Studio came to the rescue for this project, and made it fun to create & stay on track!

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