Friday, March 7, 2014

Photo Disc Organization

Yesterday, I shared how I organize my photos on my computer, and how I plan out my scrapbooks. I mentioned that at the end of the year I burn all of my photos from the year onto a disc to keep my computer from getting too full. So today, I wanted to share what I do with those discs once the year is over. 

 Recently, I came across a dilemma.  I had about 2349823646347 discs with pictures on them. Ok, I am exaggerating, but only by a little. I kept them in a grocery bag, thrown into the plastic box that hold printed photos from the pre-digital era. I wanted to come up with a way to make better use of the discs, and make them more accessible. First, I took all of my discs, loaded them onto my computer, by year, then burned them back to discs, one for each year. My discs started in 2004, so I had quite a bit of discs to go through, some had just 3 pictures on them! I ended up condensing the discs down from 50+ to around 25.
After I burned the discs, I wanted to find a way to store them in the corresponding year's scrapbook--perfect solution to make them accessible, and to remember where each is! I thought about making sleeves from cardstock with my Simply Scored, which I could have done. I was going to use the tutorial found here. However, because I had SO many discs, I didn't want to use up that much of my time. Time is precious these days.  But do not fear! I stumbled upon these gems at Walmart. Then here goes the rest:

The photos are fairly self explanatory. I used put the discs in sleeves (some years did have 2, because of the number of pictures), dated the sleeves, and used Sticky Strip to attach them to the back cover of the corresponding year's (or major event's [wedding, major vacation, etc.]) scrapbook album. Now I know where all of my photo discs are, and if I need a picture printed it will be easy to find! I hope this little tip helps you in keeping your digital photos organized! I would love to know if you have any scrapbook/photo organizing tips! How do you store your photos or digi photos?

Happy stamping,
{Cover photo created using the Rhonna Designs App & Simply Sent Stampin' Up! App for iPhone} 
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