Monday, March 31, 2014

My Digital Studio Everything Frame

I am someone who likes to decorate for every holiday, usually on a small scale, but still decorate nonetheless. I for every holiday I set up a little vignette on our buffet in our dining room. It usually only takes up one corner, but it's fun to set up and change throughout the seasons and holidays. I also need something to put in it's place when there isn't a particular holiday going on. So, I need something for EVERYTHING! This is where, what I call, "The Everything Frame" comes in! 

I also gave these as gifts, as you can see above, and they were a big hit. I've given them as thank yous as wells as to my bridesmaids last year. I created the cards in My Digital Studio using either designs of my own or framables from the MDS download store in the 5x7 post card orientation. Here are my cards, and each one has another design on the back.
There are some for holidays, some for seasons, and some simply quotes to display. I also create more for the frame as my tastes & styles change. For example, this past Christmas I added a black & gold Christmas print to the collection, as you know I'm obsessed with that color scheme.  Here is my most recent holiday set up for St. Patrick's Day. I used the Lucky Framable download in my Everything Frame.

I also snapped a pic of my Valentine vignette. I used the Be Mine Framable in my Everything Frame for this holiday. I love using my Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps in my holiday decorating as well.

There are SO many different framables that Stampin' Up! offers as MDS downloads. Here are a few that I used:

You can find more framable downloads here. Like I said before, I also create some myself in MDS, and tomorrow I'll be sharing the one I designed for Easter, along with another fun Easter project. I hope you are inspired by The Everything Frame, and check back tomorrow for more!
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