Friday, February 28, 2014

Taxi Cabs & Christmas Trees MDS Scrapbook Pages

If you follow me on Instagram {@danaleighleigh} you got to come along my trip to NYC! You may also have seen a little peek at my NYC scrapbook. We had a WONDERFUL time, and quite frankly, I CANNOT wait to return! I was able to mark off two things on my 30B430 on this trip! Just visiting NYC was one, but we also went to the 9/11 Memorial, which I am applying to #9 PLUS of my 30B430. That in itself was truly remarkable. Here is one of my favorite photos I captured on our visit there.

If you are planning a trip to the big city, I highly recommend that you add this to your itinerary! It is an experience I will never forget!

Anyhow, I've started working on my scrapbook for the trip, and also completed a 2 page spread for my 2013 scrapbook {like I've mentioned before, big events get their own book AND a layout in my scrapbook for the year} since, of course, there is SO much to document from our trip. One of the things my mom hated while there was the constant honking of taxis, so I thought it would be funny to title our scrapbook and layout "Taxi Cabs & Christmas Trees." You have to laugh about it, right? When I started the scrapbook layout I was feeling uninspired and just browsing through my page MDS pages to help me get it together. Then I came across this page. Insert light bulb moment here! I screeched, literally! I had the perfect idea! I'll let the page speak for itself.

Pretty perfect, right? I toyed around with it a bit, making each photo straight for a perfect "I <3 NY," but the perfection of the page lied in the "wonkiness" of the photos. {Like that word? It's one of my favorites.} This page is one of the pages for my 2013 scrapbook since it captures a few photos from each day. I also put them in order by occurrence. To go along with that page, I wanted to include something else with a little more detail like when, where, and what. So I came up with this page.

I used the same background from the Get Going Kit, but stopped it half way across so it would not be too busy where I have the wording. I included highlights from each day we were there, and a favorite photo from each day. I also included a calendar showing when we were there, which I carried over to the cover for our photobook.

The photobook will be much more in detail of the activities we did each day. I am so excited to have started on this book, and can't wait to get it finished. It is so exciting to see these pages come alive, especially since I started our with ZERO inspiration. I'm also having a blast scrapbooking the trip because I'm reminded each time I work on it about fun tidbits from our trip, and it will be just as wonderful to reminisce with the finished book! Of course, that is THE reason I love to scrapbook!
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