Sunday, February 2, 2014

Adding Videos to Scrapbook Layouts

If you are like me, you create videos on your phone fairly often. I capture sweet moments of my nephews or silly antics of my dogs. But what do I do with these videos once I record and share them on social media? Well, honestly, nothing.
They sit on my phone's video roll collecting dust. I don't save them to a DVD to watch for years to come; they aren't on a VHS from a video camera like we once had in the "olden" days. They are just there, left in the dust, to be rarely ever watched again, and only by me when I'm feeling sentimental or missing my nephews terribly. Then which, I watch the videos and only miss them more, but that is neither here nor there. My point is, I wanted to figure out a way to get these videos off my phone, and somewhere to share for the future when those sweet little moments are long forgotten, and when the photos on my scrapbook pages just don't do the cuteness justice. So, I've been racking my brain about this awhile. In my head, I, or someone, would invent some thin, mini, paper-like, scrapbook-friendly screen I could upload my video to, slap into my scrapbook, and viola!--maybe that will happen someday, but today, I have URLs and QR codes at my fingertips. Hello, upload my videos to Youtube, copy the URL, generate QR code, THEN slap that into my scrapbook! Genius, right?! Here's hoping QR codes stick around, but for now,  the technology gods have solved my problems! Here is how my first turned out, perfect theme for Super Bowl Sunday!
{Note: Codes shown here have been altered for privacy}
I loved this page of my nephews, so sweetly playing football together, and I had several videos of them playing that day, trying to get the words to "Down, Set, Hut, Hut" right. {That's another thing I love about this, you can string several videos together to create a longer video.} When I added the QR code to this page, it made me even more excited! I have SO many videos that accompany many of the scrapbook pages I make, and this is the PERFECT way to put them together.
I'm going to share how to do this from your smartphone (iPhone in particular), but I am sure you could just as easily do it from a different phone system or from a computer. You'll need a couple of apps to get started. You will need the YouTube Capture app, a QR code creator app (I used QR Code Maker by Matan Radomski), and, to read your codes, a QR code reader app (I like QR Reader for iPhone by TapMedia).
First, you will want to upload your video to YouTube using their Capture App. Here is a quick tutorial on how to do that. You'll first open the app and either record a new video or upload an existing one by selecting "All Videos" at the bottom of the screen.
Below is selecting an existing video, just scroll and select your choice.

Next, you can alter your video, shorten it, add music, or add more clips to it (my favorite feature--select the plus sign on the bottom right to add more clips). Select the arrow in the top right once you are satisfied with your video.

Next, you'll finish up the uploading. Name your video, and select your privacy level. I chose "Unlisted" to keep my video private
(it can be found only with the directly link, or in this case QR code).

Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube, you will copy the URL link, and open your QR code creator app. Here you will paste your URL into the address bar.

Lastly, select "Generate" then "Save" to save to your camera roll.

From there you can text, email, etc. your QR code. I emailed it to myself so I could upload it to my scrapbook page in My Digital Studio. You could also print out your code to attach to a traditional scrapbook page or even a card. It sounds like a fairly long process it, but it SO simple! All anyone needs is a QR reader app. I absolutely love that videos can now compliment my scrapbook pages, and these sweet little videos are there for viewing for years to come!
Here is one more page I added a video to. Hope you enjoy!
{Note: Codes shown here have been altered for privacy}
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  1. Just found your blog and this tutorial. Giving this a try today to add QR codes to cards. Thanks so much for such a brilliant idea!


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