Saturday, October 5, 2013

MDS Honeymoon Layout + Photobook

 Good morning! I am on my way to Canton First Monday Trade Days, and am so excited to see what I'll find! I don't have anything in mind that I need except a brooch for a scarf my mom crocheted for me. Anything else I buy will just be something that catches my fancy! I love going because you never, ever know what you may find. So exciting! Sort of like collecting seashells, you never know what beautiful you'll find lying there covered in sand.. And speaking of which, I want to share some MDS pretties from our honeymoon today. I'm working on an album, and I did a page for my 2013 scrapbook. 

 First I want to share the scrapbook page for my regular, 2013 scrapbook album. I designed it in such a way that the circles would resemble a seashell. I hope it semi-looks that way. What do you think? I wanted to use lots of pictures without my page looking too overloaded. I think that did the trick!

Next, I have the cover of our honeymoon album designed in MDS. I used the Anchors Away Kit for the cover, and am carrying that theme throughout the book .

Here is a page from the photo book. It will be the first page, and details what we did each day of the trip. I used a collage photo of highlights from our trip that was posted to Instagram using the Instacollage App to liven up the page. 

I truly love MDS and MDS photobooks. I cannot wait to get this one done, and add it to our stack of MDS "coffee table" photobooks---they are SO perfect to use in decorating your coffee table!
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