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Wedding Series Day 3: Brooch Bouquet + Bouquets, Boutonnieres, & Bracelets

Good evening! I hope you've had a great weekend, and are enjoying your Saturday evening. We've had a very productive weekend, and have enjoyed this cooler weather! I'm so glad it is finally Fall. I always love all that the end of the year has to off.. Cozy nights, festive decorating, yummy goodies, and time with family & friends.

Speaking of festive, I have several projects to share from our wedding festivities.

First up are the boutonnieres. I did different ones for different people. Lovely had his own special one, the groomsmen had green flowers, the tiny gents (ring bearers) had tiny blue rosette flowers. The fathers had larger blue rosettes, the mothers corsages were beautiful chiffon, a small version of my hair piece, and the grandmothers a pink rosette.  Here are photos of a few of them.

{Lovely's Boutonniere}

{Grandmothers' Corsage & Ring Bearers' Boutonniere}

Aside from the mothers' corsages, I made all of the corsages & boutonnieres with the Stampin' Up! Jumbo Sticky Rounds {makes it SO easy to make a rosette}, scrap fabric, doily pieces, felt for the back, and hot glue & magnets rather than a pin {didn't want to mess up the pretty dresses and shirts}. I really love the way they all turned out, and love that they could be useful afterwards, as a refrigerator magnet! How fun, right?

Here are some photos of the mothers with their corsages, I don't have close ups of theirs'. 
 {Me with Lovely's Mom; Lovely with my mom}
Another DIY I did accessory wise was bracelets for myself, my bridesmaids, and mom. I had left over vintage earrings from my brooch bouquet {don't worry, you'll see that below}, and found the idea to turn them into bracelets. I found bracelet "blanks" from Etsy, and used E6000 Glue to attach the earrings to the bracelet after I removed the earring back. They were so easy to make, and really made a beautiful statement. They were a perfect touch to our vintage theme!

Ok, just one more project before we get to the brooch bouquet! The bridesmaids' bouquets & my flower bouquet. Yep, I did two bouquets. I really liked the thought of taking some photos with a flower bouquet, and using the bouquet in our décor. My dear, sweet friend Laura helped with this & the bridesmaids' bouquets. We used silk flowers from Hobby Lobby {50% off of course! and highly recommend these if you are a bride on a budget...everyone thought they were real!}, masking tape, floral tape, and khaki fabric, lace, and a brooch for the finishing touches. I choose Garden Roses in ivory, light green, and light pink for my bouquet, and light green Hydrangeas {beautiful} for my girls. I added a personal touch to each of the maids' bouquets with a clip on charm with their initial. They also received a chain for the charm with their thank you gifts. I really love how the bouquets turned out, and I couldn't have done it without Laura. Thank you! :)

And the {almost} star of the show, my coveted brooch bouquet! This is my favorite thing from the wedding, and it became such a wonderful & fun project. For nearly a year, I collected vintage brooches and earrings. I even got my family in on it, and I thing we all had a great time hunting them down. After I had enough brooches, Lovely & I began devising a plan to put this thing together. At first we thought about paying to have it done, but ultimately decided to do it ourselves. I'm so glad we did! It was such a great thing for us to do together, and makes it so much more special. We stemmed each of the brooches like a flower with floral wire and floral tape. Then, we bunched them into three separate bunches using sturdy sticks of floral wire and floral tape to attach them together. After that, I took the three separate bunches and shaped each to a hydrangea bulb for added "undercarriage" stability, and attached the hydrangea bulb and brooch bunch with floral tape. Lastly, we attached all three bundles together with floral and masking tape.  


We wrapped the stem with ribbon, and glued ribbon loops underneath to cover up the hydrangeas and ribbon. I also had a bracelet from my grandmother's, who has past, things, though I'm sure she never wore it, and glued it at the top of the stem, and tied it with a ribbon. This bouquet is something amazing that Lovely & I created together, and we both cherish it. I hope it will be treasured for years to come!

 I hope you enjoyed today's wedding projects, and will check back soon for our guest book! Have a great rest of your weekend.

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