Monday, September 30, 2013

Multi Photo Double Page Scrapbook Layouts

 Well, it has been quite a while since I shared a real scrapbook layout, so I thought I better prove to you that I still do traditional scrapbooking. There is nothing like holding a photo in your hand and letting the paper and cardstock put your inspiration to real life! Sometimes though, it is difficult to choose which photos. We don't always need every photo we take or to scrapbook every aspect of an event, but other times, they are great reminders of such great days! So, today I have a couple of scrapbook layouts that feature LOTS of photos on each.
Sometimes it is challenging to use a lot of photos without having your page look jumbled.  One of my favorite, simple tricks to keep this from happening is to print wallet sized photos or to simply crop my photos to squares. Had I not done that for these layouts, I never would have gotten on my photos on the page, definitely not without it looking entirely too busy.

On this first layout, I used numerous wallet sized photos to capture our trip to the zoo. I felt like each photo was important and didn't want to leave any out, so that was the best option. I separated the photos by layout (landscape or portrait), and did each on a separate page. I accented some of the photos using a mat and dimensionals. It gave the perfect pop! without all of the photos getting lost together.

I didn't use near as many photos on this second layout as I did the first, but simply cropping 4 of the photos allows them to fit perfectly on the page and still have room for "pretties" like embellishments and matting. 

Though I have loved digital scrapbooking lately, I truly love traditional as well! In fact, I have been working on many more traditional pages. I'll share those with you soon!
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