Monday, May 20, 2013

30 B4 30: #20 & #8 Plus

In the past months, I have done a lot of thinking about my 30 B4 30 list, and how some of those things are near impossible, such as #20 (Completely my "to make" list) and #8 Plus (Read half of my "Books to Read in My Lifetime" list). I'm finding these impossible, because those lists are ever evolving, growing. My book list grows all the time. My "To Make" list grows by the second. How can I ever complete them if they continue to grow? So here is what I am doing...

#20: My "To Make" lists revolves mostly around stamping and Stampin' Up! New goodies become available ALL the time, and with new product comes new inspiration and ideas, making the list grow & grow. So, I have decided with the release of every new cattie, I will start my "To Make" list over... I'll clear out the ideas I have for past products and start a new. I'll try my best to complete that list with each cattie, but won't fret over it. Fret=Stress, and this is supposed to be fun! That being said, I have decided to mark this one off the list as I've just "completed" a list and have started a new. So refreshing to start over! :)

#8 Plus: Like I said, this list grows as well, turning half into much more than the half I began with when I made this 30 B4 30 list. Therefore, I have now decided to change this to "Read 100 Books Before 30." I have made a specific list of books I felt most important to me. Some of the books are about life, some about religion, some classics, actually a lot of classics. I have already checked off a few books, and am excited to continuing checking them off. I thought you might like to see my list so I've made it into a spread sheet for you.

 Happy Reading!

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