Friday, December 28, 2012

Scrapbook Spine Labels

I am loving the newly designed Stampin' Up! Scrapbook Albums! I love the colors, and definitely love the new space for a label on the spine! I'll be designing something fun for a label in MDS for sure! Now, what to do with all of those old albums that don't have labels... You have to open each one up to find what you are looking for! Well, not any longer! I came up with the perfect quick & easy way to label those spines.

I took some scrap fabric, some in a jean material and another in yellow, and came up with this! I cut the numbers with the new alphabet die, and used Fabric Adhesive Roll to adhere them to the yellow fabric. For the 2012 albums, since I have more than 1, I labeled them "1" & "2" and separated those from the year with a Real Red Designer Button. Then, I simply tied the piece onto the spine of my album and trimmed the ends, viola! SO SIMPLE!

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