Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My World Wednesday

Happy Wednesday to you! Only 13 more days until Christmas, and I've finally gotten into the full on spirit!! I've finished up the semester with a bang! Done very well so far with my final grades, but still waiting on 3 more course grades. I'm very happy with the outcome so far! I finished up my finals on Sunday, and cold, cold weather greeted us Monday morning and so far has stuck around. I think that was just the pep I needed to get me into the Christmas spirit.

The weather Tuesday morning.

With the arrival of cold weather, I've...

Added a little bling to my day!
 I've been collecting brooches for the wedding to make a brooch bouquet, 
and thought I might as well use them for accessorizing before I put the bouquet together!

Painted my fingernails a fun holiday theme!
You can barely tell from the photo, but my ring fingernail is glittery!

Added a little cozy, wintry feeling to my waredrobe!

 And, a brooch again, but today it's a Christmas tree!

Decorated our tree... Tuesday night, I finally decorated our Christmas tree! It had been sitting in the living room for two weeks put up, but not decorated. Charlie put the lights on Saturday, and it sat like that a few more days. Finally, watching TV Tuesday evening, I decided to get to decorating! I love our tree! It's so full & beautiful, and I love the colors. 

Here are a few of my favorite ornaments. 

One is from my friend Laura, we exchange ornaments every year. A couple are from Charlie & to Charlie. We have made it a tradition to exchange ornaments every year to help in growing our Christmas tree. And some are just some of my favorite ornaments! There are literally 100s of ornaments on our tree, yet I still want to see it grow. :) We may need a bigger tree next year! 

Worked on Christmas projects... I've also been working on several Christmas projects, like gifts for work and Christmas cards. Here is a sneak peek of their gifts and Christmas cards I've done this year. I'll show you more on these in the coming days. 

I'm looking forward to the weekend as well! I have a few projects to finish this week, and then I'll be working on fun stuff this weekend, like catching up on blogging! I'm a teensy bit behind! So look forward to new posts! Also, starting Friday I am off until January 3rd! I am SO excited! I am looking forward to getting wedding projects done, tackling our wedding invitations, deep house cleaning, and most importantly spending time with Charlie, family, and friends!

Ohh, you may notice some of my pictures are square. They are from my Instagram library. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @danaleighleigh to stay up to date with me & get sneak peeks of projects I'm working on!

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