Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My World Wednesday

Boy, what a past couple of weeks it's been! Even though I've done a lot of sleeping, and I mean a lot, I feel like I could sleep for months! It's just been a whirlwind past few weeks. School work has been craaaazy, and I'm having a hard time keeping myself motivated. Housework is on the back burner. I do enough "just to get by," even though it's not up to my usual standards. I usually find myself giving up on the heaving housework at this point of the semester. I'll get caught back up over Christmas break, I hope! Work is still wonderful, and I'm still loving my new position!

The weekend before last I saw Pitch Perfect with my great friend, Shelli. It was really good! I highly recommend it, if you love music. I immediately downloaded the soundtrack, it's so good!
I spent the rest of that weekend relaxing with family and my precious nephews. Charlie & I spent the entire day that Saturday at my parents. Charlie & my baby brother, James, releveled their house, and I spent most of my time with Braxton & Carter. Braxton wasn't feeling well, and I didn't feel like doing my either, so we snuggled up and watched Up, well I watched and he fell asleep. :) It was such a sweet little movie. Surprisingly, it was my first time to see it. It was such a lazy day, I only snapped one photo, and that was for the photo of the day. Usually, I take tons of the 2 little boys. I'm very sad I didn't!

Braxton & Me Snuggled Up

This past weekend I visited a great friend, and stamped the entire weekend. It was so wonderful! I love those special weekends away where it's dedicated only to stamping and friend time! Means the world! I made TONS of projects, and will be sharing them all very soon!

This week I've been preparing for Christmas Card Class coming up on Saturday. I'm so excited about all the cards, and can't wait for a fun stampin' time! I also had October Card Class last night. You can see those cards here. The rest of my week has been filled with work, school, Camp Gladiator, and sleep, and I could definitely use a little more of the sleep! Now, I've got work to do. Be sure to check back everyday for a project, and next Wednesday to see more of my world!

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