Thursday, October 18, 2012

My World Wednesday, On Thursday

Phew! What a week it has been! I'm late with my "My World Wednesday" post, but I hope you don't mind. :) I've been busy busy with the, work, home, Loveleigh work, and did I say homework?! I've had several midterms early last week and one this morning, which I did pretty good on! I also have a major project due the first week of November, and it's a group project, so it's a little more difficult to much easier to just do things by myself!
Work is still going great. My job is fun, and the work days fly by! In fact, I want to share this project I made for my desk with you.

I'd been wanting to make a fun banner, and what better excuse than a new desk! :) I love having Charlie & mine's picture close by to see throughout my day.

This past weekend we worked on our laundry room. We finished painting, and Charlie's parents came to help with some of that and laying the floor. Charlie worked on the trim Sunday, and we still have a few finishing touches. But it's fine with me for now! I don't have before pictures, but here are a couple "almost finished" pictures.

Over the weekend, I also worked on a couple wedding projects, and planned the cards for my upcoming Christmas Card Class. You can see more about there here, and here is a little sneak peek!

I can't wait for it. It's going to be so much fun! 

I also have more "camping" new to share! I finally made it to my 2nd Camp Gladiator (it officially started Monday) this morning at 5am!! I'm so proud of myself for rolling my butt out of bed, making it there, and working hard! I have a long way to go, but this is such a great start! I've found another partner to go with me on the evenings or mornings my friend Shelli can't go with me, and I'm so excited to go even more! I'll be back at it again tomorrow morning, and I'm hoping to go Saturday morning, as well. 

Today, my dad went to get my nephews, Braxton & Carter, to come stay for the weekend. So I'm also planning on enjoying time with them! Oh....and Pitch Perfect tomorrow with Shelli! Can't wait for a great weekend! 
Wishes for a great weekend for you, too!

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