Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My World Wednesday

I'm going to start a little something new with my blog. I am going to post on a particular "topic" each day of the week. Each day of the week will be labeled for certain topics. The schedule will go like this:

My Digital Studio Monday
Projects featuring MDS/MDS2
Technique Tuesday
Projects featuring various techniques
My World Wednesday
What's going on with me & my world
Tools Thursday
Projects that require various tools to create
Fabric Friday
Projects featuring fabric or fabric techniques
Scrapbook Saturday
Scrapbooking Projects
Simple Saturday
Simple & easy projects

So, let's get started with my first edition of "My World Wednesday." :) 

This week I started a new job! I am so excited about that. I've only been in the position since Monday, but I already know that I love what I'll be doing & the people I work with. I am now in Accounts Payable, rather than Accounts Receivable so it's a whole other ball game (but a great one)! I can't wait to learn more, and get settled in! Oh, I've also been working on wonderful projects for my new "home" (desk) to show you soon!

I've also been studying hard. Ok, not that hard! At least not as much as I should be. I've fallen a little behind, and hope to get back on track next week! We will see how that goes. It's only 3 weeks into the semester, and I feel like it's months! Not off to a very good start, but I'm hoping with time management and a little encouragement, I'll succeed! 

Along with school and a new job, we've continued many things with our wedding plans. We finally mailed out our Save the Date cards (they are so beautiful by the way), and purchased everything I'll need to make the rest of our stationary. I have many other little projects to complete as well. I'm hoping to get those done by November!

Lastly, this past weekend I spent sometime with one of my wonderful friends. We had a fabulous time laughing, stamping, and being silly! I was so glad to spend some "therapeutic" time stamping just to stamp! Usually when I stamp it's for a specific purpose, a class, and order, etc., but this time I was able to stamp and create just for me! I even made my first Christmas card of the year!

What do you think? I love the holidays! Don't you? They will be here before we know it!

That's all I've got for this week! Hope you enjoyed my first "My World Wednesday." ;)

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