Thursday, March 22, 2012

30B430: #13

Last week I was off for Spring Break, so I had a chance to sit through & watch the Godfather movies! I REALLY loved them! I have always been intrigued by the "gangster/mobster" era. Although, I wouldn't call it an "era" as they are most definitely still around today. What I loved most about the movies is that they took real life occurences, and fit them into the films. The most prominent real life event I enjoyed seeing in the film was the 1978 death of Pope John Paul I. It was an interesting concept to think that the mob (though in the film it is not the mob who is behind his death, but someone working against the'll have to watch to find out who) :) could really be behind some of the worlds events, and a definite possibility! While watching the movies, I followed along the plot line written on It helped me keep who was who straight, as there are so many different mob enemies.
I do have a couple "complaints" about the films...
1) In Part III, which is set in 1979, Mary falls in love with her cousin, and they have a relationship.... I'm pretty sure this is a self-explanatory "complaint." If it were set, I don't know, in the Shakespearean age...I'd understand it! :)
2) I'm not a real big Diane Keaton fan.. I envisioned Michael, played by Al Pacino, to be married/in love with a beautiful blonde, and I don't think Diane fit the part. After all, a very handsome man like Al Pacino suits much better with a gorgeous blonde, like myself! ;) ;)
3) Lastly, I was SOO disappointed that Robert Duvall was not in the final film! He's such an important part of the story, and one of my favorite actors; so I suppose I am biased! :)

Something I really enjoyed about the movies was seeing all the actors! I had NO idea so many different popular actors were in the films! Of course, I knew Al Pacino & Robert De Niro (2 of my absolute favorites...oh, and by the way..they definitely get better with age), but I had no idea Robert Duvall, James Caan, Diane Keaton, Joe Mantegna & Andy Garcia.

James Caan as Sonny Corleone
You most like recognize him from Elf--He portrays Buddy the Elf's NYC Dad

(Center) Joe Mantegna as Joey Zasa
You most likely recognize him from Criminal Minds. Here he is today:

The most surprising actor, to me, was Eli Wallach (right). He plays badass Mobster, Don Altobello.
You will most definetely recognize him as sweet Arthur Abbott from The Holiday, shown below.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the films, and they were everything I thought they would be & more! I definitely plan on watching them again!! I'm sure there are tons of things I missed the first go round! It is also SO nice to finally understand so many things you hear in movies about The Godfather films...mainly, You've Got Mail! :)

Here's to another 30B430 item marked off!

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