Friday, December 2, 2011

Stampey Room: A Few Extras

I’ve got a few extras in my room I wanted to focus attention to!
I made a couple of coasters with Timeless Portrait Designer Series paper & some scrap ribbon I had. These are tiles from Home Depot, and I simply modge podged the paper on them & added a felt backing.
This vintage cast iron tape dispenser is one of my best finds EVER!!!! I’d been searching them on Ebay & Etsy but they were upwards of $60!!! I’m glad I didn’t jump on any of those!! I found this one on a garage sale adventure with a friend for…are you ready for it….$1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so afraid to hear the price & when the lady said $1 I nearly flipped!!! I plan on trying to find regular scotch tape to fit in it, hope they make it!
This is one of my favorite little areas! On a blue plate I’d had thrown in the cabinet, I have buttons in tiny glass canisters, glitter in salt & pepper shakers, a couple of owls that were a gift & a picture holder. I love having a space to display my recent creations!
Check back in a few weeks to see the final product!!

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