Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Home Tour: Day 6

Welcome back!! I'm excited to show you my living room Christmas tree!!
This year Charlie's (lovely) sister gave us a 7.5' tree she wasn't using anymore & I am SO thankful!!!! After I got it up, and all the ornaments on it I have NO idea how I got them all on there last year! We had a 6' tree that is now in the bedroom, and looks SO puney compared to the living room one! But thank goodness for this new tree! It is perfect for our living room!
The tree is over flowing with ornaments, just the way it should be!! This tree has black, silver, hot pink & a few mint green ornaments. I use a silver star & picks for the topper, and I few silver, pink & green glitter picks throughout the tree. If you look closely you can also see some of the feather ornaments I've made. They are clear ornaments with black, white & pink feathers in them.
At the time of the photo I only had one present under the tree, but not it's flowing with presents! Can't wait for Christmas day!

I also wanted to share with you some ornaments I made. I found the idea on Pinterest, of course! They are so simple to make & add some twinkle & sparkle! Here is the link for Pinterest with instructions.
I used black pipe cleaner for the hanger so it would match my tree. It may be hard to see them in the photo (it is right behind the reindeer), but they add just the right touch. I pushed them further back in the tree so they would catch the twinkle of the lights.

Have you done any fun Christmas crafts this year?
I am thinking for next year I will make all of the living room Christmas decor match the Christmas tree? I envision pink & black glitteriness everywhere! I just made a new word! :)
But then again, I'm thinking a turquoise decorated tree would be beautiful since our living room is decorated in turquoise & brown! But then where would I put the pink & black tree? Hmmm...Well I've got a whole year to figure that out! :)

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