Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Home Tour: Day 4

Good morning!! Today, I have some fun & simple Pinterest Christmas ornaments I've done to share with you!

These had to be the simplest things ever, and the best part was I didn't have to buy a thing!
I already had some clear ornaments (they had feathers in them so I took those out), buttons & burlap.

For the burlap ornament, I took burlap I used to decorate one of our trees, and pulled strings of it out. Then simply shoved it down into the ornament and done!!

The button ornaments, I aboslutely love! All you do is put buttons in the clear ornaments. I did red, green and white/off white ones. Although, it is a little difficult to see the green one in the photo since, of course, the tree is green.

So simple & easy! What do you think?

And I totally apologize for the horrible photos. I am definitely not a photographer. Perhaps I need to use some of those Pinterest photo taking tutorials! :D

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