Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Home Tour: Day 2/Jesus is the Reason of the Season

Good morning! Actually, it's already almost noon! The day is flying by, and so is the month! Did you realize it's only 18 days until Christmas!!!! I can't believe!

I have some simple decor to show you today that we have in the kitchen! I hope you enjoy!

I have our nativity sets on our small bar that over looks the living room. I love to see them over looking the living room Christmas tree. They are beautiful reminders of the reason for the season!

This nativity came from our first cruise to Mexico in December 2008. I hope to buy a nativity set from all the places I travel to. It was an amazing time to see the towns decorated for Christmas & the different traditions they had. 
One that particularly stands out to me is in nativitiy scenes/sets they do not place Jesus in his manger until Christmas day, because, of course, he was not born until Christmas day. We did not learn this until I asked a friend when we returned home, so the whole time we were all wondering "where is baby Jesus!?" 

This nativity was my moms & she gave it to me to display. It is my favorite, because of the crystal. It's just so beautiful & elegant.

This past year we got new cabinets for the kitchen (actually we didn't even really have a kitchen before that), and I kept seeing people putting wreaths on their cabinets all over Pinterest so I wanted to do the same! See my Pinterest inspiration here. Aren't those glass cabinets gorgeous! I'd never keep my dishes tidy enough to do that! Anyhow, here are our Christmas cabinets (please excuse the mess, I was busy making Christmas gifts for my office..I'll show you those later!).

I love how the wreaths & bows ended up at a staggered length. I didn't do that on purpose, but after tying the ribbon on the wreaths it turned out that way, still looks great I think, maybe even better!
These are also a very traditional green, red & silver, which isn't usually my style, but I think they turned out great & look great against our dark cabinets!

So I'm sure you're wondering how I hung the decor on the cabinets, thank Pinterest again! You simply put a 3M Command hook on the inside of the cabinet UPSIDE DOWN, hang the ribbon on it, drape it over the door & viola! Here's where I found that on Pinterest, so simple, easy & clever!

What do you think? What is your usual Christmas decorating style? Traditional? Modern? Fun?
Do you have any beautiful & unique (although they are all beautiful) nativity sets?

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