Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Home Tour: Day 12

Today's another non-home related post, but I had to share these with you because I am so proud of them!!
I really wanted to have a fancy holiday party (it's on my 30B430), so we decided to have a New Year's celebration/Engagement party (more of a New Year's Party than engagement). We've invited a few close friends and our immediate family. We really wished we could have invited everyone, but space & money just wouldn't allow. However, we are so looking forward to a large wedding with everyone special to us!
So anyway, today I wanted to share with you the invitation. I created it in Stampin' Up!'s My Digital Studio, and had it printed through them as well.



My friend Sam taught me how to do a better technique for the drop shadow in My Digital Studio, and it made the snowflakes really pop!!! The printing didn't turn out correctly because I didn't realize the bleed area rules, but they still turned out great!!

I love the colors & snowflakes! I'll show you more details of the party after it gets here!

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