Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stampey Room: Sewing Area

The stampey room is almost ready for it’s full reveal!! In the meantime, I’ll be sharing bits & pieces!
Today, I have to photos of my sewing area!

Remember my $3 stool from my earlier post!? It fits perfectly at my sewing desk! This desk belonged to Charlie’s mother; it works perfectly for my sewing machine. I added an iron heart pull as it was missing its drawer pull.
This lamp I got from my grandmother, Charlie fixed the wiring so now it’s an antique in use! I got the lamp shade from Walmart & added the eyelet trim. I plan on gluing white/ivory buttons all over it!
I got this turquoise Mason jar at an antique shop for $5! I am so proud of it! I store all of my miscellaneous buttons in it.
This pin cushion also came from an antique shop. It was only $3.95! I couldn’t believe it!! It is really heavy with a metal decorative flower base & turquoise cushion! It is really so cute & perfect in the room!
This fan sits next to my sewing desk, as it gets REALLY hot in the room because of the lighting. I found it at a yard sale for $5! I couldn’t believe it still worked & how cheap it was! It works WAY better than any fan you’d find in the store today!
 Check back later to see more of the room!

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