Monday, October 10, 2011

To chop, or not to chop...

To chop, or not to chop off my hair? That is the question! I am throwing back and forth the idea of cutting my hair short again. It is fairly long now, past my shoulders. I've been growing it to mark off one of the items on my 30B430, and because I knew a wedding would be upon us soon. However, I never, ever, maybe once a week, fix my hair! It's just so annoying & thick & time consuming! So I'm pondering the idea of chopping it all off, really short again. I could get extensions for the wedding right?!?!
Thoughts? Ideas? To chop, or not chop off?


  1. I think it's your choice....and by the time you get married your hair would be longer and extensions are always a choice!!

  2. As someone who is also growing her hair out (and having two babies under 3 years old) I TOTALLY understand where you are coming from. I find my hair pulled in a messy bun 99% of the time and usually with some type of unidentifiable goop in it :/ BUT when I do fix it I love it!! I say keep it :) I know how hard it is to grow it long. I've already cut mine short since "growing it out" and I absolutely regretted it the first date night I had with my hubby. I thought "Man, my hair would look so good if I hadn't cut it ... I wonder how long it would be now...." So I say KEEP IT! :) At least until after the wedding. You've been growing it for so long, don't give up now. By the time the wedding gets here you will have long luscious locks ... and they will be ALL YOURS!! <3

  3. Just chop it off!!! You will have time to grow it out again and extensions are always an option for the wedding!!


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