Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 652 & 30B430 #16

[So many people want to know all the details of the proposal, so instead of typing it over & over, I figured I'd do a blog post, so here's all the details!]
Tuesday, September 13th was a normal Tuesday. Actually, to tell you the truth it was a crappy work day. I was in quite a bad mood, because the lovely was at home, and I was stuck at work. I wanted so badly to go home early to be with Charlie, because he was leaving for Nevada Wednesday; but I couldn't leave work, because we were preparing for auditors. (Ugh, still kind of mad about that, but it worked out best I guess...While I was throwing my hissy fit, little did I know Charlie was a Zale's picking up the ring!)
Anyway, the day went on & finally it was time to go home. I got home & Charlie was asleep on the couch...."Great, I'll never get to spend time with him before he leaves!" It seems like the time flew by! We went to pick up pizza & Wing Stop for dinner, watched a little TV & ate. Charlie packed his bags, and around 9 we prepared for bed since we had to be up to get Charlie to the airport by 5. I took my shower, and slipped into bed, Charlie soon followed. I continued my "nightly routine" of checking my email, Facebook & Pinterest one last time for the day. I was actually just pinning something for my future wedding, when I heard Charlie say something....heard but didn't quite listen... I glanced over, glanced back to my phone, then did a complete double take! There it was, in white & silver box, what I'd been waiting for, but really not expecting anytime soon. I immediately, unwillingly dropped my phone on the floor, then, it came to me what he'd said before, "Is this what you wanted?" As soon as I looked at him, he said so sweetly, in his loving & vulnerable voice, "Will you marry me?" Then....the phone light went out, so it was pitch black (great)! I covered my face & immediately started crying...a lot! Through my tears, I asked him to turn the light, but he wouldn't oblige; he made me do it! :) I got the light turned on, he put the ring on my finger, we kissed, and I cried a whole bunch more!!!

It was the perfect proposal, simple & sweet, just how I had imagined, but really even better!!
And now, I've got #16 marked off my 30B430, Own a piece of diamond jewelry....

It's even better than what I'd dreamed of, and I really cannot believe I've got it & that I've got the man of my dreams!!!

The next morning Charlie left for Nevada for 10 days...I really think he did that on purpose so he wouldn't be around for all the hoopla! But it will be just as exciting when he gets back!
This is our first picture as an "engaged couple," it's really dark because it was 5 in the morning, but that wasn't stopping me from snapping a picture with my phone! But I'm sure when he gets back I'll be snapping up many, many more!

 And for everyone who been asking, we'd already talked about this before and have basically decided for a wedding in 2013, which is really right around the corner! Thank you so much for everyones well wishes, I really am overwhelmed with everyones congratualtions! Now, if lovely will just hurry back home!


  1. As I've said numerous times...WOOHOO!!

  2. Love you Bunches.. so happy for you.. Memee

  3. Many many many well wishes are sent your way! Planning a wedding is so much fun! We have very similar taste! I remember saving hundreds of images on my computer over our 18 month engagement! It will seriously fly by!

    Love your proposal story. And have a blast planning before the big day :)


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