Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pinteresting To Do List

Pinteresting? It's the amazing interesting things I find on! So, if you haven't discovered Pinterest you are REALLY missing out!!! It's so amazing & so addicting!!! You've got to check it out! It is "a place to catalog the things you love." Basically, you can "pin" anything you find on the Pinterest, the internet, or upload your own. You can categorize your pins into different boards so you can go back and find a tutorial, idea or recipe easily.
Anyway, here are a few things that are high on my Pinterest To Do list:

A deck of cards made into a book of why I love you.

Wind chimes

Ruffled Apron

Old window made into a photo frame (would also work with a bunch of different, small photos)
But I LOVE the look of the one large photo!

Ruffle lamp shade

Wreath made of old canning lids.

Old door turned photo frame.

You can click the photos to go to Pinterest which will then take you to the original website/tutorial.

I love all of these projects & can't wait to get going on them! We've got an old door with a bunch of windows just laying around; I could find an old window at Canton First Monday for 20 bucks or less; I'm sure I've got supplies for a windchime; a deck of cards costs $2; I've got a lamp shade & material already; I could easily get a hold of some old lids (I'm actually thinking we've got some in our shop).
The lovely is currently gone for 2 weeks, so as soon as he gets back, I'll get him to help me with the old door! :)

Now, I'm off to get to work & you head on over to! If you'd like an invite to sign up (it's invitation only...well you can request an invite but it takes foreverrrrr...I can send you one & it immediately sends it to you) just comment here leaving your email address!

Happy pinning & happy Tuesday!


  1. I plan on getting an old window the next time we go to Canton!


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