Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1000 Gifts

I just so happen to stumble across a blog the other day....
The lady said, "I challenge each one of you to list out One Thousand Gifts you are grateful for... you might be amazed at what this does."
So I thought, why not try it! Yesterday, I started a list, and today I did a little more research on where this idea originated. Turns out there is a book called One Thousand Gifts, and a website. It is definitely worth looking at. The lady started making a list just as a reminder of the everyday little things that really matter, not the everyday worries that consume us.

So I've started my list, some things are great (as in big) & some are small. Somethings are not things, some are moments. Somethings are people, and some are intangible. But in the end, they are all great, and they all really matter...

Here a few random things on my list...
My dearest lovely.
My momma.
Friendships. Strong, lasting friendships.
The times my heart has been broken. (Yes, I'm grateful for that).
My whole big, crazy family.
My brothers & fathers.
Braxton & hearing him giggle.

What do you think about these one thousand gifts? What would be on your list?

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