Thursday, May 5, 2011

Definitely Decorative Projects

Things are settling down in our almost completed, newly remodeled house... so I'm finally decorating and getting to put some "permanent" touches here & there. By "permanent" I mean Stampin' Up!'s Definitely Decorative Decor Elements! They are permanent, but not! When I'm tired of them I can just peel them off, and put new ones, without messing up the paint on the wall!! They are so much fun!
Take a tour of the Decor Elements I have around my home!

On this dresser are Baroque Medallions.

Our lovely mantel has the Many Welcomes Sign. This is the most recent one I put on the wall, 
and I love it! :)

Our front door windows have Long Stem Blossoms...I think they add just the right touch to these otherwise plain & boring windows!

I made this monogrammed sign from a ceramic floor tile! I spray painted the tile, added the L (no longer available, but you can get these), the Together Forever Circle Frame, and displayed it on a photo frame stand. I love it!

My laptop has the Upsy Daisies decor elements. I had to do some trimming to the stems, 
but now they fit just perfectly!

 I have these little flowers on my Stampin' Up! Clear Block Storage Caddy! Host a Stampin' Up! workshop & I'll give you 3 free! :)

And I have this one & this one...just don't have them up yet!

I am craving the Final Ruler Decor Elements to put on the top of my desk in my almost-ready "stampey" room! I'm also daubling with the thought of the Direction of Your Dreams Decor Elements for my room!! I am also in love with ALL of the seasonal decor elements! It's just so hard to decide exacly which elements I want! But the great thing is, I can always easily change them!
They are quite easy to apply, I just usually take a little more time on the smaller parts, as well as letters!
Hope you enjoyed my "Definitely Decorative" home!

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