Sunday, May 1, 2011

#8 Plus, Edited

#8 Plus on the list is to read the "Greatest 100 Novels of All Time" according to However, after going through the list, over 75% of them really had no appeal to me. So I've decided on something different...
For the past 3 or 4 years or so, I've had an on going list of books I want to read; I call it my list of books I want to read in my life time. Why not put this list of books on my 30B430, being that I am actually interested in every single book on my list; I did create the list, after all. My list contains over 200 books (25 which I've already completed) of a wide, very wide variety of books. There are classic novels, modern & everything in between. I've got authors such as Jane Austen, Hemingway, Shakespeare, John Steinbeck, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Nicholas get the point...a HUGE variety...I will NEVER get bored with this list! Being that my list has over 200 books on it and that I'm always adding more to it, and it would be nearly impossible for me to read them all in the next 6 years...then I wouldn't have time to mark off other things on my 30B430, I want to make the goal to complete half of it (as it stands now..246 books). That means 123 books. I've already completed 25 so only 98 to go! :)
Off to read!
Good night!


  1. I also have a book list! Like yours, it is hundreds long and forever going. However, you're doing better than me, because with all the textbooks I read during the semester I don't make time to read for pleasure. Do you have your list typed up somewhere? If so, I'd love to see what's on it! Your thoughts on the books you read would be fun too. :)

  2. I actually keep mine on an Excel Spreadsheet. The list includes the title, author, date I began reading it & the date I completed it. I also "bold" the books I actually own. Of the 25 I've read to far none of them are particularly "deep" books, most are the Little House series, and several Nicholas Sparks book (though his are pretty deep). Some of the books I've read in the past for classes, but added them to the list to read because I want to. I haven't read much in the last year, but I do plan on finishing in the Bible before I get jet set into reading my list. I like to hope I'll finish the Bible in less than a year, and I don't think that will be too difficult with the app I'm using. If you'll send me your email address on Facebook I'll email you my book list :)


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