Monday, April 11, 2011

#23 Read the entire Bible, Getting Started

Last week, I began working on #23 on my list.. Read the entire Bible. So far, it has been very fulfilling! After, I did a lot of research about reading the Bible in one year, I found that reading it in chronological order is what I really wanted to do. I found a chart online that lists what you should read everyday for 365 days in order by occurence. After I found that, I began looking at apps on my iPhone for the Bible, because I thought I would be easiest for me, so I would have a Bible with me wherever I went, especially work, so I can read on my lunch hour, or on break, and sometimes during class. :) I searched Bible in the App Store, and I went with the first one that came up, the YouVersion Bible App. It was free, and at first glance it was exactly what I wanted. It has tons of different reading plans, every version you can think of, and it even lets you make notes, highlight & share what you are reading via email, Facebook & Twitter! The plan I am doing is the Chronological Plan. It is a one year plan. The app keeps up with what I read by day, automatically checks off the chapter after I read it, and allows me to read ahead. It is really so simple!
I'm already a week into my reading, and have read the story of Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, and Noah's Ark!

Another thing I have thought about doing along with this is keeping a journal of my reading, with any questions, verses that really speak to me, and my general take on what I read & learn. I haven't started that yet, but what do you all think?
My reading this past week has really made me miss Bible study in Tyler, even though I didn't go much, it was a great thing when I did. It is always fulfulling to discuss what you read to help you understand it better, and gather other's takes on it.

I can't wait to continue reading; I'm really even hoping to finish before one year is up!


  1. I think keeping a journal would be great! That will allow you to jot down all your thoughts and reflections as your read...that would be fun to go back and read when you're done

  2. What a great goal! This is a goal of mine as well. I'll have to check out that app. I think a journal is a good idea too. It would be something you could look back to months from now or when you finish this goal and see your thoughts and questions-maybe along the way you'll find answers to these questions. :)

  3. It is very exciting reading it! And I've just discovered that you can actually have it read aloud to you, not that I'll use that, but nice to know! I've got a journal ready, I just haven't started writing yet. I do, however, have several verses "book marked" to go back & write about. The app lets you highlight, take notes and book mark with in the is VERY handy!


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