Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Soda Sober

So...I'm not getting quite the move as I intended... I've decided to take #14 in strides..that's the best way to really get healthy, right? Little by little. So my first step: Cutting out soda...Dr. Pepper, Big Red, Sprite...any other carbonated drink that may tempt me. So now I am proud to say I have been OVER 1 MONTH soda sober!! I'm very proud of myself! I've done this before, and gone as long as 3 months, but this time feels completely different. I REALLY want to loose weight, and I AM going to do it! I feel so much more energized, and not sluggish didn't feel that the other times I've tried to kick my addiction, that's why I think this time will really last!
My next step is to exercise on a regular basis. I am going to try making it everyday, but at LEAST 4 times a week. I have been walking here & there, but not consistenly. So I am going to make it consistent. I have the eliptical machine I can use, as well as work out DVDs. But I have written out a specific plan for myself to get toned and in shape...then I may work up to more of the DVDs. (I can't even last through 1 Tae-Bo workout anymore & I used to do it every day). I plan on doing my toning exercises, as well as walking or doing the eliptical at least 30 minutes a day.
The first step has been a success...let's see how step 2 goes!

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