Friday, November 26, 2010

Miracle Pudding

On Thanksgiving Day I made my first attempt at Nana's Banana Pudding! I had a little help from mom with things like how long to stir, and when to remove it from the stove, but mostly did it on my own! I was really afraid it wasn't going to turn out, especially since Pawpaw & Uncle Bo were there, but it was perfect!!! Everyone agreed it tastes just like Nana's!! I was so proud!! Dad said it was a little thick, but still great!! I think it was only lacking 2 things...Nana's green bowl & Nana of course! But I KNOW she was there...when I began gathering my ingredients, I realized I only had 1 cup of flour in the whole house...which, by miracle, is EXACTLY how much I needed!! I think that was definitely a miracle! I am was so proud it turned out great, and excited that I still got to take some home to eat later.. But, while digging for some Thanksgiving leftovers in the refridgerator, Charlie left it out (on top of the fridge) & forgot to put it I had to throw the left over pudding out. :( I was so sad!! But that only means I'll just have to make more!!

Me & my miracle Nana's Banana Pudding on Thanksgiving Day

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