Friday, September 17, 2010

Loveleigh Letters Website

Thanks to my wonderful friend, and her endearing patience with me the Loveleigh Letters website is 100% up & running (aside from some projects I am still working will be up as soon as they're ready). My mom & I are so grateful to Laura for her help & talent! She designed the website, our logo, business cards and other advertising! She too has a website if you need graphic design help! :)
I am so excited to get this going, and expand our business!
Thank you Laura for your awesome talent!!
And thank you Lovely for your inspiration, incredible support & my new amazing camera!! I can't wait to get started on taking all new photos of our products!! And possibly expanding to do some photography work!! I love you!
Mom...we better get to work!!!

Check out Loveleigh Letters to view all of our story & products!!

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