Monday, August 30, 2010

Thirty Before Thirty Plus, Explained

"The Explanation"

1) Visit/Shop in NYC at Christmastime (hence my love for Home Alone), buy a pair of Manolo Blahnik's (hence my love for Sex & the City), buy a Tiffany's necklace (my love for Holly Golightly/Breakfast at Tiffany's)
2) [for Charlie]
3) Build a home, not necessarily brick-by-brick, but build a family, a house, love…a home
4) Explore other employment opportunities. Leave Brookshire's & find something I really love. Not that I don't love Brookshire's, but it's come to a time where I am unhappy; I need to make myself happy again, that's what's important. Not pleasing others, or money, or just because it is generally a good paying job. It is important to love what you do, and I just don't anymore.
5) Ride horses on the beach. This is ALWAYS been something I have wanted to do! I can't even imagine anything more fun or romantic!
6) Have my own business…I guess I should elaborate because as of now I do have my own business (2 actually--Loveleigh Letters & Stampin' Up!--working on Stampin' Up!), but I mean my own shop/boutique/studio.
7) Swim with dolphins. They are so beautiful and friendly. I would love so much to swim with these amazing creatures.
8) Make a quilt--I always admired the quilts my mom has that were my great grandmothers, and I have a new found love the "Big Shot" (which you may purchase from me through Stampin' Up!) . I think with the "Big Shot" I could actually accomplish this!
9) Witness a miracle. Miracles happen everyday, I know [you'll find this out in a later post].
10) Learn to cook. I have 2 "usuals" that I cook, chicken fried steak & chicken enchiladas. I need to broaden my horizons (and those I cook for's), and learn to cook new dishes.
11) Graduate college. Oh, I hope & pray I graduate before I'm 30! However, let me clarify, I MAY be interested in getting my Master's one day, but before I'm 30 I want to at least complete my Bachelor's.
12) Pay off all of my student loans. I have more student loan debt than should be allowed! I am going to try my absolute BEST to pay these off by August 29, 2017, and not get anymore after the spring 2011 semester.
13) Watch all of the Godfather movies. I have always had an interest in the "gangster" era, and always been curious about the rip-roar of these films; so they are on my list.
14) Get in shape/fit. I'm not going to say I'm going to quit drinking Dr. Pepper, quit eating Little Debbie's &/or loose 80 pounds…there's NO way in heck I could give up my DP (or Big Red!), so instead I want to get fit, toned & in shape!
15) Visit Vatican City. Though I'm not Catholic, growing up in a Catholic community, I have always had an interest and appreciation for Catholicism and it's history; so I want to visit the Vatican (and Rome, itself, of course).
16) Own a piece of REAL diamond jewelry. Whether it's a piece I purchase for myself, or one that's a gift (so gift away people…hint, hint..Charlie),  I want to own one piece of jewelry with REAL diamonds.
17) Learn to make my Nana's banana pudding. My mom is the only one I know who can make it now, and it tastes just the same (after much, much scrutinized practice and minus the green bowl)! So to be able to pass this on, I want to learn to make it just like Nana did.
18) Sew a dress. Design, sew a dress AND wear it!!
19) Save money. And not spend it! I cannot save money for anything. If I have even a penny, I want to spend it, so I want to save, and REALLY save money.
20) Complete my "To make" list. Every time I see something I want to make I take a photo or make a note, and keep them all on a list…sooo I want to make at least one of everything on this list.
21) Grow my hair long. I always say I will, and I’ll grow it out for awhile, get frustrated and cut it off! So at least once, I want to grow it long, at least mid-back.
22) Snorkel. For real! And that means not in Texas!
23) Read the entire Bible. Read, really read, cover-to-cover the entire Bible! I've always wanted to do this.
24) See George Strait in concert. I can still remember seeing him when I was very small (before elementary school), and I would LOVE to see him again as an adult (so I can really remember).
25) Get a hot stone massage. Oh, how I love massages, and I love when I get a spa pedicure, they rub the hot stones on my feet and legs. I can't imagine how amazing a hot stone back massage would be!
26) Take a photography class. Ok, so I have ALWAYS loved photography, taking pictures, primping for pictures & finding new & cute ways to pose or things for I would love to take a class & learn more in depth on how to get the most use out of a camera. AND NOW since my birthday I have an AMAZING new camera (from my amazing lovely) to use!!
27) Visit Hawaii. The first time I visit there I want it to be my honeymoon--sooo #27 is sort of killing two birds with one stone…because, obviously you have to be married to go on a honeymoon…so that means I'd need to get married to complete this one. 2 birds, 1 stone.
28) Grow a garden. And not kill it!!! And I mean an actual garden, with the rows and all.
29) [for me]
30) Go to the Kentucky Derby or Kentucky Derby day. Wear a beautiful, bright sundress, a huge, classy hat & not feel a bit silly!

Now…since I have already completed a few things on my list (and mostly because I'm highly indecisive) I have added Plus to my list:
• Get a concealed handgun license. My mom & I have always talked about doing this. It's time we stop talking, and get to pistol packin'!
• Throw a Christmas or New Year's party. A full on dinner party--fancy table, yummy cocktails, party dresses & all!
• Bake cinnamon rolls. Prepare, roll, and bake REAL, not from a can, homemade cinnamon rolls!
• Visit/Volunteer at St. Jude's Children's Hospital. I would LOVE to visit & volunteer at St. Jude's (or any other children's hospital). Even if it is just for one day, I think it would be a life altering experience!
• Frame & display one of my drawings from junior high. I used to draw, I can't worth a flip now, but I used to, and I have this one photo of a horse that I would love to frame & display.
• See a movie [in a theater] alone. This may seem a bit crazy, but I think it would be a huge statement of independence; and I could really watch an intense, meaningful movie without any personal distractions. [Note to friends & mother: don't take this in that I mean you are a distraction, I love our movie dates! But I think it would be fun to watch others ponder, "Why is she alone?"]
• Pay It Forward. Pay for someone's order behind me in a drive through, just to be nice.
• Read the 100 Greatest Novels of All Time List from The Greatest Books of all time. Ok…I have my own book list that has more books than I could keep up with [I have them on a spreadsheet with the date I began reading it & the date I finished; as well as those I haven't read], but there is NO way I could ever finish this list by the time I am 30, as now I already call it my "Books to Read in My Lifetime" list, so I would like to read the 100 greatest novels on The Greatest Books of All Time list.
• Visit at least 1 historical site from a war (other than the Alamo). I love history, particularly the times of the Civil War. I want to visit some battle site or meaningful place from the civil war.
Postsecret. This would be the only way I could "tell" that one thing to that one person without feeling guilty [not that I should].

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