Monday, August 30, 2010

#4, #5 & #9---COMPLETE

4) Explore other employment opportunities. I quit Brookshire's. After much thought, discussion with my family, and much, much irritation with the job itself, I concluded that it was time for me to move on, and make myself happy, on the job front, again.

5) Ride horses on the beach. I love horses, and I love the beach. What better way to bring the 2 together. And for this particular item on the list, I was able to add another one of my loves, my lovely, Charlie. This was one of the most incredible things I've ever done. The ocean breeze, the sound of the waves, a beautiful animal, and the greatest love I've ever known.

9) Witness a miracle. It was mid-morning on December 9th, 2009…I am at UT Southwestern Medical Center, and my dad is in ICU, after doctors have attempted to begin surgery, where he almost died. We are waiting to find out what is going on. My mom & aunt go to speak with the doctors; I wait in the waiting area, reading a book by Mitch Albom. I finish reading the last pages; Chick [the main character] dies of an embolism in his brain. My mom & aunt come out with awful looks on their faces; I immediately, involuntarily begin to cry [I am crying now just recalling this moment]. They tell me he is ok, but they still don't know for sure what has caused his blood pressure to drop to the ultimate low or his breathing to become unimaginably difficult (to the point of virtual death). A little while passes, the doctor comes out, and he tells us Dad had not one, but two massive embolisms in his lungs, one in each. Embolism. There is that word, I just not minutes earlier read. The name of the book was For One More Day. I think that God knew, we still needed Dad "for one more day" and many more. Call it coincidence, but I call it a miracle.

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